Time to Thank the Lord07:57 PM Monday November 11, 2019 |

Yesterday afternoon, I just found myself staring at the greenery outside my bathroom window and thanking God profusely. I just kept repeating the words “thank you so much, Lord”.

I wasn’t happy nor sad. A sudden burst of gratefulness enveloped me. I just felt lucky to be alive and living this life. Despite the constant challenges, the problems that come and go— big, small, thin, fat, wide, short, tall, light, heavy, sometimes insurmountable, we are still here. Alive, able to do the things we like.

I looked around and felt so much gratefulness for everything that we have. I felt I should spend the whole day just thanking God again and again and again.

Many younger people passed away today, yesterday, last week. The 51-year-old son of Momsie from cancer, 53-year-old Bong Tan from an aneurysm, the 31-year-old employee of Ford Philippines, not sure if from a heart attack or aneurysm, the 14-year-old daughter of Techie from dengue, the 55-year-old brother of Mila from asthma, and many others. I felt blessed simply to be alive.

There were hundreds of things that I’ve asked for, and yesterday was a day not to ask for anything but a day to just express my appreciation for all the help, support, compassion, love, understanding, material things, happy experiences. I felt thankful for being able to experience living on earth, in this generation. I felt super blessed for being a mother of two kind, generous, compassionate individuals. I felt blessed to have a husband who is responsible and who cares for me and my children unconditionally.

I was blessed to be born to a couple (Felicing and Ricardo) who were very responsible and who devoted their lives to our family’s welfare. Our parents loved us dearly.

Thank you, Lord, for all your guidance, support, and protection.



  1. And i would like to Thank the Lord for giving u to me as a FRIEND, Ms Annie.. ❤️

    FOREVER GRATEFUL for being given the chance to meet u and ur beautiful and kind family personally..

    God bless u always, Ms Annie…

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