We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary today. Supposed to be kakain lang kami sa labas. Pero super traffic, and the big question “where do we go?” Naikot na namin lahat ng hotels, restaurants, dimsum, malls. Nothing that would make our night extra special than the past 29 anniversary nights.

I have always wanted to set-up a dinner table on our roof deck but the thought of it made me tired already. It’s on the top floor, and we don’t have an elevator.

Last Friday night, I thought maybe this would be the best occasion.  I would do it this time.
We would just have a quiet dinner here at home, not in the usual kitchen/ family dining, but on the deck. With the stars and smog hovering in our midst, it would be a romantic night.

So the next day, Saturday, the wedding planner in me started  working.  I listed down everything that I wanted,

1. Shall I cook? No way, di hindi ako naka celebrate. Amoy bawang and Knorr seasoning ako. I contacted my French friend (not French fried) Jean d’Orival and gave him the menu that I had in mind, and the kind of set-up that I wanted. I’ll provide for the China and cutlery, crystals, etc. Just bring in the chef and waiters.  It would be a sit-down dinner, semi-formal service.

2. I made 3 invites, 3 menu cards, 3 thank you cards, and ayos ko na rin yung blue boxes with tokens inside.





I prepared the tokens and thank you cards last night, before my invitees all came home.



Edmund——— Maghanap na lang tayo ng makakainan. Ewan ko sa’yo, baka sa halip na maenjoy natin eh mapagod tayo”.

He’s thinking of the difficult logistics of bringing food and drinks up and down.

E————“At saka, walang aircon dun, madilim, walang ilaw”.
Omb——- “Eh di candles para romantic”.
E——— “Pano ka magke-candles kung naka electric fan”.

I specifically wrote down Attire: Comfy/elegant on the invite pero my kids said magtsitsinelas na lang daw sila. My daughter is disappointed that our dinner would just be at home kasi she’s been waiting for the right occasion daw to wear her Herve Leger.

3. I had our original video coverage shortened to 15 minutes, at paputol-putol na rin kasi. I want to show it tonight but I am still figuring out how to set up a tv on the deck. I am not sure if Edmund would enjoy reminiscing the past, baka kilabutan kasi ang payatot pa nya dun sa video.  Baka masira ang macho image nya.

4. I went through my closet yesterday and found this glittery dress I bought in the US two years ago but have never worn it yet. As usual, I am waiting for that moment that my waistline drops to 24. But instead, my waist disappeared, only lines could be seen. Cholecell lines. Cholesterol and Cellulite combination.



I have given my 3 VIP guests their respective invites and all of them didn’t seem happy with the thought that our dinner would just be on our roof deck.

5. I have printed old wedding photos, I am going to stick them on the walls leading to the deck. Romantic kaya or baduy?


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