White House of the Lord of Scents

Have you seen the four-storey mansion in Baguio of Joel Cruz, the owner of Afficionado German Perfume?

It’s called White House of the Lord of Scents. White House because it’s mostly white and off white. Lord of Scents because Joel made his fortune by selling perfumes. His kiosks at department stores and big malls currently number 500.  I’ve seen his kiosk at the SM in Baguio, maraming bumibili.

White House of the Lord of Scents, Baguio

white house in Baguio

intricate tables and chairs, Joel Cruz mansion

The formal dining room has three tables like this with 8 chairs each.   There’s another dining room adjacent to this with the same motif,  but it only has one long table.  According to their overall cook / cleaner/ caretaker named April (he’s a HE),   Joel takes his meals in that room.  There’s a dumbwaiter because the kitchen is on the lower level while the dining rooms are on the second level.

Joel Cruz private dining

Dining room,  White House, Baguio

formal dining area,  Joel Cruz mansion

buffet cabinet,  Joel Cruz Baguio mansion

Whisper with wings
Joel Cruz's dining chairs with feathers

local tourists,  Joel Cruz's mansion in Baguio

Joel Cruz's house

party area, with bar and DJ
Joel Cruz's house in Baguio, den

Christmas Tree, White House of Joel Cruz

According to the caretaker, this house had been featured on tv by Jessica Soho, Karen Davila. They also mentioned that Kris Aquino was coming to interview Joel to feature his mansion.
living room,  Joel Cruz's mansion in Baguio

One of many guest toilets guest room's toilet,  Joel Cruz's mansion

How come the owner generously allows strangers into his home?  The story goes like  this —-One day Joel Cruz came to Baguio finding throngs of local tourists gathered in front of his mansion,  taking selfies with his house on the background.   Naawa sya kasi nasa labas ang mga tao.  He decided to open his house to the public.  However ,  his main concern was he would need to hire more cleaners, symepre madudumihan which would incur additional maintenance expense.  His confidante suggested to him why not require each visitor to buy a P50 bottle of Afficionado Perfume as they come in.   He agreed.  I thought that was very fair. P50 is a small price to pay for a privilege to explore another person’s beautiful house. Plus you will smell good pa.
tourists at Joel Cruz's mansion  

The mansion is very near the Manor Hotel.   Edmund told me it’s probably another hotel.    One early evening, I noticed dozens of people waiting in line at the main door.  Some people were riding the elevator.    I decided to go in.  The security let me in without me having to line up.  Kasi isa lang daw ako.    There’s a nice guy who  assisted the visitors and showed us the perfume choices.  Sabi nya kailangan bibili ng isa.  I asked him how many scents were available.  Seven daw.  I bought all seven.  He couldn’t believe that I was buying all seven.  Ipamigay ko sa mga housemates namin.   Afficionado Germany Perfume

3rd floor,  Joel Cruz's mansion

OMB at Joel Cruz's mansion inn Baguio

4th floor, living room,  White House in Baguio

Red sectional sofa red sectional sofa, Joel Cruz's house

Joel’s caretaker named April asked me to sit and feel how soft it is. Yes the foam is soft. soft red sofa

Mini theater
Mini theater,  Joel Cruz

Mini theater,  Joel Cruz's Baguio mansion

My favorite decor or part of the house are the walls in the mini-theater. The mural is subdued and tastefully done.
Wall mural,  mini theater, Joel Cruz

Notice the painting of a man with two toddlers, that’s Joel Cruz and his adopted kids. wall mural,  garden, Joel Cruz

art, Joel Cruz, Mansion

There are two billiard tables in this play room. Billiard ,  play room,  Joel Cruz

There were not enough paintings hung on the walls so I couldn’t say that he loved art.
painting on the wall,  Joel Cruz's mansion

Mansion of Joel Cruz

Christmas decor,  Joel Cruz mansion

Swimming pool with outdoor heater because it really gets cold in Baguio. There’s a group of concerned citizens that were against the construction of this modern-looking mansion. Because Baguio has shortage of water supply, they also were against the construction of the swimming pool.
swimming pool, Joel Cruz

The Lord of the house had his image masterfully hand-carved at every table by artisans from Pampanga.

Image of Joel Cruz, wood carving

The White House in Baguio would most likely become a new “place to visit while in Baguio”.
White House Lord of Scents, coat of arms

Joel Cruz (photo from Google images)


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