First Five Days of Theo

Before I became a first-time grandmother, I’ve been seeing dozens of photos of babies, toddlers, teens, and even adults, posted by their grandparents on Facebook and Instagram. Now, I join the multitude of oldies who are crazy in love with their grandkids.

Posting herewith THEO’s photos and video clips taken on his first five days on the planet.

Day 1 July 2
Newborn Theo

Day 2 July 3
Theo second day

Day 3 July 4

Theo July 5, 2022

Day 4 July 5
THEO July 5, 2022

Theo July 5, 2022
10:10 pm

Day 5 July 6
6:10 am

Lolo and theo
6:12 am  Lolo touches Theo’s tiny feet.  A priceless photo.
Theo's feet

1:02 pm  This is my favorite photo so far.

July 7, 2:43 am
With Lola at 2:43 am
Lola and Theo at 2 am

Composed a lullaby titled Ding dong ding.

Lola, at 4:10 am.  Tired and sleepy.

Lola on diutybat 4 am
5:09 am
aLola sleeps
5:11 am

5:12 am  Hoy Lola, baka mahulog yang apo mo.  Bawal matulog!

The mother caught me sleeping on the job.   How unglamorous.

9:50 am

Lolo took over.

Bqby Theo on July 7, 2022
9:56 am

Hahaha, Theo looks stunned. He is probably wondering who the f is holding him. That’s your lolo.

Lolo teases Theo and Oyen about the tuli.

Seems like Theo has been around for a long time.

Lolo can’t resist kissing baby Theo.

12:33 pm
Baby Theo July 7, 2022


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