The quaint village of Oberammergau

What should have been a two-hour ride to Oberammergau became three hours because of the traffic getting out of Munich.  it took us a solid hour to get out of the city onto the Bavarian Alps.

I was feeling exhausted and very sleepy, the kind of jetlag sleepiness.

I fell asleep throughout the ride although I woke up intermittently for a few seconds because I wasn’t feeling comfortable.  Nirarayuma legs ko.  My husband woke me up when the bus stopped in front of our hotel in Oberammergau.  He said “nasa taas pala ng bundok ito”.

We arrived at the quaint village of Oberammergau just before dark. I instantly loved the character of this place that’s popularized by the once-a-decade Passion Play that’s been held for many hundred years.

This small town in the Bavarian Alps has a population of around 5,500.   Kaya pala ang tahimik.

The tall rocky mountain named Kofel is the town’s signature mountain and it could be seen from our bedroom balcony. The view is mesmerizing.

My husband smiles every time I say the word quaint. Sanay na sya sa akin. I love quaint little towns.
Oberammergau reminds me of Lake Tahoe and Solvang in California.

The cold temperature shouldn’t be bad except that it’s raining.  Mahirap magpasyal pag umuulan.


The facades of the homes and buildings are painted with murals or frescoes called “Luftlmalerei” depicting religious scenes, fairy tales, traditional Bavarian themes, and scrolls.

Lüftlmalerei is common in Upper Bavaria and its name was derived from an Oberammergau house called Zum Lüftl, which was the home of facade painter Franz Seraph Zwinck who died in 1792 at the young age of 44. (Source: Wikipedia)

You’ll find a wooden statue of Our Lady of Good Voyage from Oberammergau at the Seaport Shrine in Boston, Massachusetts.
The Virgin Mary inside Antipolo Cathedral is similarly called Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

Below is a good example of a Bavarian home with a beautiful facade painting.   The front wooden balcony is standard in most buildings.


Two weeks before our travel we were advised to bring an umbrella.  Hanap kami ng hanap sa bahay nawala lahat ng payong.  We couldn’t find a single one until we were already in the car going to the airport.  The blue foldable umbrella was inside the driver’s seat pocket.

Edmund wanted to buy another umbrella so I could have my own kasi daw this blue one is too small for two people.  Baka daw ako mabasa.  Ayaw ko nga bumili kasi I will end up holding my own umbrella.  Eh eto, meron ako tiga hawak.  Gwapo pa.
Rain in Oberammergau
We walked some 10 minutes from our hotel to go to the building below.   Dito kami magtatanghalian.

My umbrella boyOberammergau. ecy

Landhotel is popular among tour operators.  Hundreds of tourists dine here for lunch before watching Passion Play.

I am loving this kind of ambiance. Cold, quiet, laid back, super fresh air, quaint—- ayan na naman si quaint.


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