Day tour of Neuschwanstein Castle

King Ludwig II of Bavaria was the one who commissioned the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, and Herrenchiemsee. He lived in recluse, hid inside the palace during the day, and only came out at night with his horses. His penchant for building extravagant castles ired his ministers. He was declared unfit to be king and was taken into custody. Two days later he and his psychiatrist were found dead floating in a shallow lake.

His marvelous fairy tale castles have become major tourist attractions in Bavaria today attracting millions of foreign visitors annually and bringing in millions of revenues to Bavaria.
Neuschwanstein castle


After getting massive doses of castle living, the mortals craved for hot coffee and choco to warm their bodies and spirits.

Shopping for cheap souvenirs reminds us that we are ordinary beings who don’t live in palaces and castles.

I was observing this Filipino couple from the US who can’t seem to agree on what to bring home.  The wife is looking at a handtowel with a Walt Disneyland print.

Wife:  “Eto, Disneyland”

Husband—–  “Bakit Disneyland ang hinahanap mo eh nadito ka sa Germany.   Wag yan ang bilhin mo.”

The wife dropped the hand towel.   She moved to thr refrigerator magnets section.

Husband—– “Magnets na naman.  Hindi maganda yan pagbumagsak basag.”

The wife said—- “Lahat na lang ayaw mo.”

Marriage tip from OMB:

The souvenirs are very cheap reminders of travels.  Don’t contradict, or criticize your wife for buying cheap or useless things. If she spends a few dollars bringing home magnets or mugs or anything of little value,  just let her be.  These little things make her happy.    Barya lang yan.

When Edmund was paying for his coffee and for my hot chocolate I saw this cute notebook.  A—– “tart, bilhin ko ito.” He paid for it from the sukli.  I was relieved he didn’t make any comment like what I would do with the notebook, or that I already have a lot of notebooks.   Let peace reign between couples by learning to accept what the other person likes.

A cup of hot chocolate is Euro € 3.50 but with the souvenir cup, it’s Euro €5.

Coffee for him

Other tourists offered to take our picture together.   Edmund returned the gesture by taking their pictures too.

Low clouds blanketed the town below.

I asked my husband to take my picture with me facing the view.

A—–“Tart, ayaw ko na nakaharap, grabe ang wrinkles ko.  Tatalikod na lang ako.”

E—– “Ano ba naman yung nakatalikod, wag ka ng mag litrato king likod lang.”

My dear husband couldn’t imagine why I just wanted to have my picture taken with my back view.  No use daw.  I disagree.  Look at this photo,  he wasn’t facing the camera pero gwapo pa rin sya.

The surrounding rocky mountains are beautiful but it’s hard to capture the essence using cellphone cameras.

King Edmund I

Ayaw nya magpa picture,  eh eto oh,  ganda smile nya.

lt’s actually raining when this photo is being taken.  Kahit mabasa basta lang may souvenir photos.

We’re hanging on a cliff.  This cantilever ledge was built for this photo

On our walk down, we saw this flowing water from the alps. Edmund washed his coffee mug clean.
Not for drinking

The owner replaced the two white and gray horses with two brown ones. His son, wife, daughter-in-law, and very cute grandchild were there too. It’s a family affair. Their farm is located two kilometers away from here. They change the horses every 3 or 4 climbs to the castle. Mabuti naman they don’t abuse the animals. Kawawa rin kasi imagine climbing up and down the steep mountain for 14 adults plus the heavy carriage?


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  1. I agree. small souvenirs remind you of the trip. as long as the purchase isn’t extravagant, why not.

  2. and great tip — “let peace reign between couples by accepting what the other person likes” 🙂 it also helps to remember that the other person chose to spend their lives with you. Haha!

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