I made four wishes at St. Michael Archangel Church

While the American-born tour guide was explaining something to our companions, I wasn’t listening.  I noticed there was a Catholic church stride away so I asked Edmund to wait for me. I’ll run inside St. Michael Archangel church to log in with my three wishes. Di ba we’re allowed 3?

The church is so beautiful. I wasted no time in taking some photos and making three wishes.

St. michael church, Munich

I had no time to light some candles as I usually do. Di bale, God knows my wishes and intentions. My prayers have become longer kasi nadagdagan ni Theo. I wish the same for him— safety, healthy, happiness, and prosperity. The same thing that I wish for Edmund, Nyke, Oyen, my siblings, and their families, to our employees, and to all of you.

God bless all of us. And thank you po Lord for allowing me and Edmund to come here. With love and appreciation, OMB.


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