Christmas Tree with mismatched ornaments at home

December 24, 2022

My husband finds our Christmas tree at home uncoordinated. He says our Christmas ornaments are mismatched. He thinks there must be a color motif. Or just one singular color. For me, I want it to be organic or natural and not decorated by a professional. I want my children to decorate our Christmas tree however they want. I want Theo (and future apos), to grow up feeling free to buy a decor he fancies and hang it on this big tree. Never mind if they don’t match. Kahit hindi terno-terno.

Ayaw ko ng Christmas tree na punung-puno ng dekorasyon hindi na makita yung pine tree.  Gusto ko nakikita ko yung actual tree tapos meron lang mga nakasabit na ornaments.  Hindi ko type yung balut-na-balot ng palamuti.

Our 15-year-old Christmas tree speaks history not fashion, memories not fanciful decor. The different ornaments and colors make our own Christmas story. Balls old and new, gifts from my sister, and those we bought, sourced from travels abroad. Angels from Madette and Bobby some 22 years ago, etc.
A few came from my sister. My daughter bought some. And most recently, those I brought home from Strasbourg, Colmar, Baden-Baden, and Friedburg.

I have lost many of our original tree ornaments dating back 37 years.

Some balls and poinsettias were old and not nice but I do not wish to throw them away. I would give them away next year.

Old Christmas decors at home

Theo’s own tiny Christmas tree

I set up a dining table beside the tree. Spur of the moment, no planning.

Christmas dining table

Christmas wine glasses

And of course, WE’LL NEVER FORGET the true meaning of Christmas.

Infant Jesus


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