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July 8, 2020, Wednesday
We had done this 17-Mile Drive when my kids were younger, some 25 years ago. That time we stayed at a hotel in Monterey and when Edmund played golf in Pebble Beach, I dropped him off, drove back to Monterey, then went back again to Pebble Beach in the afternoon to pick him up passing through this route.

Oyen could no longer remember that trip because that was a long time ago, so we decided to go back, but this time without Nyke.


I don’t remember paying an entrance fee before.

The 17-Mile Drive is a scenic drive through winding forested road of majestic 250 year old cypress trees, through Pebble Beach, Monterey Peninsula, golf courses, mega-mansions, and view of the coast.

Leisurely drive through centuries-old trees

When we passed by a golf course, of course we had to make a U-turn.

Poppy Hills Golf Course

This 18-hole golf coirse was originally designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr.  It underwent total renovation in 2013 and reopened the following year.  There’s another Poppy Hills in Livermore, California.

ECY Poppy Hills

I wonder if Mochi will look for us when we go back to Manila.



Majestic cypress trees

We’re very much afraid to catch the coronavirus but we also need to have a change of scenery once in a while to help us cope with our worries and stresses. We are just glad that our mobility is not hampered here. As long as we keep our physical distance from other people, we should be okay even if we do road trips.


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