I found this 1958 oil painting hanging on the wall of a shabby chic style stall inside the Antique Mall of America in Las Vegas.

floral painting,  1958

Although it was done 58 years ago, the colors are still very vibrant. It looks new and the frame is also new.
1958 oil painting 002

The store couldn’t give me any information with regards to the artist who signed on the canvass, Katherine Gunderman. The surname sounds German and most likely that’s her ancestry. She could be dead by now or maybe not.

1958 painting by Katherine Gunderman

I paid $50 for the painting and left it with the store together with some brand new table napkins and place mats I bought from another stall. They took care of shipping all of them in one big box thru Fedex. I paid $98 for the freight and insurance, mas mahal pa kesa sa painting.


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