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I am currently taking up online classes on Contract Law. I don’t think I will go on to become a lawyer, I am overage, but my goal is just to gain as much knowledge as I can in the field of law.

One of the case studies presented by our professor was about a married man with a mistress.

This is a true story:

Let’s call him Mr. P

Mr. P has a wife and kids, is fairly affluent, a business executive, and has a mistress.
She is demanding more attention from Mr. P and threatens to leave him.
She demands that he buys her a house, pay the mortgage on the house, buy her jewelry, take her traveling, and shopping. She puts this all in writing. She also tells him if he signs the paper and does everything’s written there, then she will stop calling him at work, and will never call him at his house.

Mr. P said he doesn’t care if she calls him when he’s at work or when he’s at home. But he will sign the paper anyway.

They signed what appears to be a contract with big money involved.

Mr. P failed to do what he promised and so his mistress sued him in court to force him to pay.

The court dismissed the case because judges and the court do not want to get themselves involved in a promise between a man and his mistress. It’s an illegal and immoral contract.

Secondly, the man cannot be forced because it’s nothing but a promise to make a gift to his girlfriend.

In England, in the United States, or in what’s called common law countries, the law will not enforce a promise to make a gift most especially if it’s something society frowns on, immoral or illegal.

Oh men, careful with what you promise your mistress. If she’s crazy and becomes greedy, she could sue you in court and will try to hold you accountable for your promise.


  1. Gift namn pala ang category… no social & moral obligation…baka pwde pa nga yung mistress i sue…anti social activities.homewrecker

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