Absolute Divorce in the Philippines

Congress will most likely pass the Absolute Divorce Law in the Philippines, It’s just a matter of time when couples can now file for emancipation from their unhappy marriage.

Millions of married Filipinos are trapped in a house that is not a home.

If a person is unhappy, he/she must not suffer for the rest of his/her life. He/she deserves too to get out of a bad situation and live a peaceful life, or to start a new life.

Much as we would like our marriage to work, it’s also not right to trap a person in an unhappy home. She/He deserves to be happy too.

The biggest losers in a divorce are the children. Those planning to have a divorce, just make sure you iron out the agreements to minimize the damage it would cause on your children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. Don’t forget your financial responsibilities to them too.

A Filipino-Chinese husband fell head over heels in love with a young GRO from Pegasus. He brought her into their family residence in Greenhills.  His wife and teenage children were forced to rent a tiny two-bedroom condo in Pasig.  The guy greatly reduced the financial support his family was entitled to.  In the meantime, he continued to enjoy his newfound manliness with this young bimbo.  Their relationship didn’t last long because the girl went back to her equally young boyfriend bringing with her lots of money, pieces of jewelry, and authentic branded bags and shoes, courtesy of her Pegasus client. This is a true story example of “not forgetting your financial obligations” to your true family.

When you marry it’s not true that you and your spouse have become one person, not even conjoined twins. You are still your own person. You still maintain your own individualities. Yes, respect each other, like and appreciate what your spouse is, but don’t lose yourself in the process. Do not be absorbed totally by the other person that you no longer know who you are as an individual. If you really are very much in love and devoted to your spouse, leave some love for yourself or you will become weak. Without the other person, you will become paralyzed. You will not be able to function well.

You are still you. Do not lord it over your spouse either. Marriage is not a battle of the royals and establishing your own domain early on. It’s a new adjustment of living your personal life with another person. It’s a balancing act of trying to live in peaceful harmony with someone different from you, not you. It’s how to live in peaceful co-existence with this other person and still be you, a fun, loving, kind, you.

Me and my husband of 134 years. Photo taken at the NAIA 2 on Dec 12, 2017 at 10:19 pm.
Me and my husband

Marriage is a promise of eternal love. Not every couple would be able to keep that promise.


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