Adobe Inn Carmel01:01 PM Wednesday August 19, 2020 |

Oyen found a quaint inn right in the middle of old Carmel. She booked for three nights (July 8, 9, 10) so we could have two full days including one golf day for Edmund.

We were given a room on the ground floor with a patio for our dog Mochi.

We had a large room with two queen-sized bed. Edmund and I had difficulty sleeping because the mattress shook with our slightest movements. We always drift to the center of the mattress, crowding each other. When he wakes up in the middle of night I wake up too because the glare coming from his celphone hits my eyes. I could also hear the sound coming from his phone.

I forgot to bring my slippers. I didn’t want to walk barefooted on the carpet.

After we checked out, Oyen told me that they killed a big spider in the bathroom and it fell into the toilet bowl. I was glad we had checked out already before I found out or else I would never use their toilet again.

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