Agi Pagkatipunan Wooden Chair

I’ve been trying to avoid going to art galleries lately. That’s also why I didn’t bother to check out the recently concluded Art Fair in Makati. I also did not make usyoso the Salcedo Auctions.
I don’t want to fall in love with a painting because I pledged to myself that I am not going to buy any art for the next two years. I don’t know if I will change my mind.

I made the mistake of going to the art galleries on the top floor of Shangri-la Mall. Nagawi lang ako actually, hindi ko sinadya.

Do you see that large painting by Baldemor? Selling price is P1,000,000.
art gallery,  Shangrila Mall

A tiny HR Ocampo is priced at P1.5M. A few years ago a friend of mine sold her HR Ocampo kasi she was raising funds for her daughter’s college tuition fee. I don’t remember exactly how much she sold it for. She told me a few weeks ago she got 790k yata or 795k. Swerte yung bumili. It’s now at least 5M worth.
painting by HR ocampo

Merong mga taong mahilig sa mga statues, ako hindi. Parang mga anito, baka mapanaginipan ko pa ito.
Wooden sculptures,  Shangrila mall

There was a giant wooden chair by Agi Pagkatipunan displayed at the gallery.
It’s beautiful, unique, comfortable to sit on but I have no place to put it and I have no budget for it. The sales staff was texting me several times a day trying to convince me to buy it. Sabi nya na-feature na daw ni Karen Davila sa tv itong artist. Gusto ko naman talaga yung silya pero natyempo nagpa-practice ako ngayon ng birth control aka shopping control. He offered to bring the giant and heavy chair to my house so they could help me find a spot for it. He also offered installment. Nice offers but I sad no. Our house is full of stuff, talagang no more space. And hindi bagay sa motif ko. If I put it naman in our retirement cottage house, eh hindi pa gawa. Ayaw ko din magka-utang. Marami na akong utang ayokong madagdagan.

Agi Pagkatipunan Chair

Giant chair by Agi pagkatipunan

Wooden Chair by Agi Pagkatipunan


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