All Aboard Turkish Airlines

Despite some of Luzon’s areas being battered by a super typhoon,  a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul took off just 30 minutes delayed.

I was very nervous the ride could be turbulent but thank God, it was generally smooth. There were a few mild chops but I slept through the shaking. I took one whole tablet of Bonamine to curb my nervousness and it did help me, otherwise, just a minor shake and my heart would start pounding.

Turkish Airlines

I was given a nice bright orange pouch bag containing toiletries.   My husband was envious.  He got a gray one that looked fairly generic.  This Versace pouch bag is perfect daw for his golf balls.

Turkish, and Qatar Airlines have chefs on board who takes the menu and also sometimes, bring food.

Seafood appetizer

Fresh mushroom soup

Fruit plate

Cheese omelet for breakfast

Ready to get off the plane, and feeling very tired although I slept through the 12-hour flight.


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