Antique porcelain cups and plates in Charleston

I saw this complete white and gold porcelain tea set in Charleston but I didn’t buy them because I’d rather have the same pattern ubt in dinner plates. I didn’t want to just keep in the cupboard, I wanted some thing I could actually use. Plates would have been perfect.

lv 094 white and gold tea set

It’s rare to find a complete set of cups and saucer good for 8 people.
teacup and saucer set , pink roses

Too dainty
dainty white floral cup and saucer

Kelvin Fine China

I must have bought this Meissen floral tea set, I wonder where I kept this.
Meissen Floral tea set

Nainis naman ako sa asawa ko. He went to my mini farm two weeks ago and had a few roosters killed. Naikwento ko kasi sa kanya na sumbong nung caretaker merong isang tandang na napakasama daw ng ugali. Hayun ipinakatay nya, pero dinagdagan pa ng ilan. Ibibigay nya kay Antonia para gawing tinola. I felt so bad. It was as if he killed a relative. Chickens in our mini farm are living things and they are my pets, not for eating. It makes me happy seeing them roam around. I don’t want them eaten.
too many chickens

cup and saucer,  pink and gold leaf

Weimar porcelain from Germany. Ganda sana.
lv 095 Weimar porcelain from Germany
Cups and plates on the wall, the colors and patterns look old fashioned. But what did I expect? These are really old.
lv 099 cups and plates on the wall

I like the colors only if I will just hang this on the wall for decoration. For plates I will actually use, I prefer those with not too busy drawings so I could still see the food on the plate.
lv 100 blue flowers

Flow blue was a type of transfer pottery produced by Staffordshire, England, potters beginning in 1820. Sold mostly in the U.S. market, flow blue was similar to traditional blue-and-white pottery, except that the blue color was deliberately blurred, an effect achieved by adding a cup of lime or ammonia to the kiln during glazing (Wikipedia)

blue and white tea sets.

I have a flow blue style painting on our kitchen ceiling. After spending two days meticulously painting our ceiling with blue scrolls, I asked the artist to erase the edges using a piece of cloth. He freaked out and felt insulted.
I was trying to achieve a tone-down version of the scrolls similar to flow blue.
Flow blue plate

Former New York Giants football quarterback Kurt Eurgene Warner must be a superstar for his signature to fetch $2,500.
lv 106 Kurt Warner signed football

$1,500 for this 1970s pearled dog. The last time I’ve seen something like this was at a house of a retired teacher in our town. She had a smaller one displayed inside her glass cabinet.
lv 107 dog pearls

I love Venetian glass and mirrors. I have a similar one but smaller in size, it’s hanging in the guest room’s bath on our second floor.
lv 108 Venetian mirror

$22,000 metal sculpture of what looks like a horse. Ahhh, if I have a large office building with a grand lobby or wide open hallways, maybe I will buy this, assuming that I am a millionaire in American dollars.
lv 109 $22,000 horse

lv 110 metal horse sculpture

I met this cute senior citizen couple browsing around the antique mall also.
I thought they were cute together.
lv 117 cute senior couple

Her name is Betty. She told me she has 8 siblings and 3 had died. Her older sister is celebrating her 103rd birthday soon. She has another sister aged 93. She didn’t want to divulge her true age, just like me.
lv 120 Betty

Nung maliit pa ako, there was an old lady that delivered fresh milk to our house every Sunday morning. The milk was in a bottle slightly thinner than this, covered with banana leaves.
lv 122

It was instant love, I bought this.
lv 123 sage plate

Eight dinner plates
lv 124 eight dinner plates

I started getting real interested in European-made porcelain plates when I first went to Cologne, Germany (25 years ago). I exhibited and attended the Annual International Furniture and Furnishings Fair. At night, I would walk from our small hotel to the town plaza. I would window shop (no money to splurge) and I truly enjoyed looking at the window displays of beautiful items. There, even when the shops had closed for the night, they would leave the lights on and I could clearly see the tag prices for each item. I was shocked when one time I saw a $2,000 price tag for a st of 8 dinner plates. I remembered telling Charles Streegan, president of Pacific Traders and Manufacturing Corporation, one of the biggest furniture exporter from Cebu, who was also one of the exhibitors at the fair, that I’ve seen plates that were very expensive. He told me “Oh yeah, there are $1,000 a piece plates”.
lv 125 Lifetime China Co.


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  1. Good morning Ms. Annie!
    I just read your post and It’s really sad to learn pag mga inalagaan mo kahit roosters pa ay sa kaserola ang bagsak. Though I also think that maybe what happened to your roosters is a blessing in disguise so you will prefer eating native/free range than poultry raised chickens. I listened to Scientific American’s podcast, “McKenna’s Big Chicken, Part 1” ( yesterday. And though I know about poultry raisers use of antibiotics in making their chickens more marketable, I never made a big deal out of it dahil masarap ang fried chicken!
    In the podcast the listener is informed that continuous consumption of chicken meat which was grown with the help of antibiotics can reduce the effect of medicines, and your body’s reception of prescribed antibiotics. This may mean an increase in the dosage of a prescribed medicine or antibiotic to take effect and help a sick person recover. Marami pa pong binanggit na hindi magandang effect ang pag-consume ng mga chicken na pinalaki sa tulong ng antibiotics doon sa podcast.
    Nalungkot naman po ako kasi gustung gusto namin ng mga bata ang fried chicken. At mahal ang native chicken, though mas malasa at masustansiya naman.
    May part 2 rin po pala yong podcast nasa baba nong podcast window ang link.

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