Ants love Termites

Our house has been invaded by termites. Some of the wooden moulding, ceilings, walls, window frames, marine plywood roof backing, have been eaten. I discovered recently that ants love to eat termites. They are actually natural enemies. When there’s a mound of soil with plenty of ants, that means there’s a termite colony in there. In my hometown, when there’s a mound of soil, people believe that there’s a nuno sa punso (dwarfs) leaving there. That’s why no one would dare step on it or disturb it. If you peed on it, as a punishment from the dwarf, it’s either you will have fever or your bird will grow bigger. Is that bad?
I will sprinkle lots and lots of sugar around our house to attract ants who will stand guard to prevent the termites from entering. I don’t think the ants would be able to stop a whole colony of termites from eating our house. Well, they’re already in.

Termites invaded our house

Ants love termites


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