I have a Furla Passport Holder

The FPG Insurance (Federal Phoenix) officers always remember my birthday. They have never failed to personally greet me happy birthday, bring cake, flowers, and a thoughtful gift.

I was absent on my birthday that’s why they were not able to greet me as usual.

Jun and Meanne showed up two weeks ago and delivered a well thought of gift.

Birthday Gift from Federal PhoenixBirthday card Birthday card from FPG Insurance

I have never bought a Furla before. This is my first ever Furla brand.

yey, Furla passport holder. And it’s blue!
Blue Furla Passport Holder

I was amazed at how perfect the color was. They knew what color to buy. Yun pala they got an advanced tip from my daughter.
“What’s your mom’s favorite color?”
Furla passport holderSincere appreciation to FPG Insurance. Thank you Ramon Dimacali (president), Jun, Belle, Meanne, Jay, Rona. Blue leather Furla passport holder


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