Banks ask too many questions from clients

Did you notice how banks now ask too many questions from their clients?
When you are depositing a check, they ask where the check came from, where you got the check, who gave it to you, if you know the person who issued the check. And that’s not enough, they ask why the person gave you the check.

I have credit card bills in dollars because I was in the US for more than a month. Of course I accumulated credit card charges. Notice how fast bills multiply. Dinner say $20, sweater $50, health care supplies $40, medicines $30 Uber $18, domestic airplane tickets $500, extra luggage $25, lunch $15, Uber again $12, etc. See? That’s $710 already.

I needed to pay the bills in dollars so I bought from a Central Bank authorized foreign exchange company recommended to me by my friends from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce. Nakabili na daw sila dun ng dollars pambayad rin ng mga credit card and travel pocket money nila. I deposited the payment to the forex company’s bank account in pesos. The bank asked me why I was depositing a check to that company’s bank account. They asked me what that company does. Ang pangalan ng company nila is ______Forex Corporation. Ibig sabihin nagpapalit sila ng dollars, obvious ba?

When I expressed my disgust over their new policy of interrogating the customers, the bank manager told me they just have to fill up a questionnaire and clients can give any answer. Ayun pala, pwedeng mag-imbento lang ng sagot eh bakit itatanong pa nila? Mag-aabala pa sila eh alam naman pala nila na kung-anu-ano lang ang pwedeng sabihin.

I told the bank manager that although I understand that there’s a conscious suspicion that some people’s money could come from selling of drugs or some payments could be payment for drugs. But first, ang liit lang nung amount. Kung bibili ba ako ng shabu pupunta ba ako sa banko para magbayad?
I told the bank manager that the questions they ask are very intrusive and invasive to people’s privacy. And the answer should be “it’s none of their business”. Yes there are a lot of drug dealers in our country. Yes, there are a lot of illegal money circulating. Define illegal? From illegal casino operators? Gambling operators? Corruption? Drug collections? You cannot presume and assume that every customer has a connection with any or all of the above. That is so unfair.

Ano, pag merong bibili ng condominium tatanungin ba nila kung saan galing ang pera nung buyers? “Wow, mam ser, dami nyong pera malaki ba drug collection nyo ngayon?”

I don’t know if all these intrusive questionings contribute to our country’s advancement and economic growth.


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One thought on “Banks ask too many questions from clients

  1. Maybe the govt is putting the banks in the corner and that is why they are becoming a pain in the ass. Sometimes it is a good reason but at the same time, I and many really don’t like it so I live like everyone else with limits. Funny the greedy are the rich who control the banks and they worry about others having a little more. oh dear, It would be nice if they didn’t do that, but time is near we will leave this earth and we don’t need anything up there, and here on earth not much anyway. You won’t need to go through that in the next life. God knows the good hearts and you don’t have to worry if you are a good person THe next life we will all be free of this crap to worry about and the bankers and all these greedy selfish will spend eternity in hell. Oh they just don’t know it because they choose not to believe, but trust me every atheist deep down inside trembles of the end. ” check this link ”

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