Doors and tiles for the cottage house

Our cottage house started with my simple wish to have a shade over my head  as a shelter from the sun, wind and rain whenever I visited my mini farm-to-be.   My requirement was just to have a roof,  two walls and a toilet.   After that  engineer / contractor abandoned the project after getting my money,  Edmund and I took over and extended the foot print to have a dining room,  one extra bedroom, and balcony ( terrace or veranda however you want to call it).   From my original drawing of 8 meters x 7 meters,  the house is now 19 meters x 10 meters = 190 square meters.   It’s not big but it’s spacious enough to accommodate a few people around.    The project stalled for a few years because of our busy schedule.  Edmund recently decided to bring in the guys from Manila who did our showrooms to finish the house so  now construction has resumed.     The cottage house is chopsuey because it doesn’t have an architectural and design plan,  turo-turo lang.    I always say there’s no perfect house and this  cottage house will definitely be the perfect example of a perfectly imperfect house.

I already bought several doors some three years ago but since we added extra spaces, we needed extra doors. We went to Home Depot to choose the right door. We just wanted simple solid wood and of course CHEAP!

how to choose a door

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In choosing a solid wooden door, you have to “katok-katok” it to check if there’s bukbok or anay inside.

After three trips to the tile stores, I picked this baldosa tiles for the balcony. This is not my first choice but this is cheaper by 50% so eto na lang.
Baldosa for Balcony

I am going to mix the baldosa with plain 40 x 40 so as to break the busy baldosa pattern. Nasasawa kasi ako pag sobrang magulo ang pattern.
baldosa floor tiles trial

I counted how many tiles I would need to cover the 4 meters x 7 meters balcony.
I will teach you how to compute the number of tiles you would need to cover an area. For example the room size is 4 meters in width and 7 meters in length. Assuming that the size of the tiles is 30 cm x 30 cm.
Multiply L (7 meters) x W (4 meters) = 28 square meters.
If you are going to use a 30cmx30cm square tiles =
Thirty centimeters equals .30 meter. .
.30 x .30 = .09
28 sqm divided by .09 = 311.11 tiles + provide some allowance for breakage so buy a little bit more than 312, say 320. Others provide 10% standard extra. You may return / exchange the excess tiles from the vendor. as long as the tiles are in good condition.

baldosa tiles for the balcony


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