Barandilya Restaurant in Tanay Rizal

July 19, 2022

It was a very hot morning when I met with Councilor Bien Ojeda, and Johnny. A flimsy umbrella was of very little help in repelling the piercing heat.

I should’ve been here by 9 am but it was my fault.  I arrived late.  I didn’t expect that traffic would be slow all the way from Ortigas Avenue.

10:47 am

Barandilya Restaurant

Councilor Bien and I proceeded to a restaurant at the border of Tanay and Baras. It was he who had been here before.

The restaurant is very large and generally nice.
The service was very very slow. We followed up our orders no less than 6 to 10 times in a span of one hour. When we arrived at Barandilya there were very few people, only two tables were occupied. And yet, it took them almost two hours before serving our food.

I don’t think I would come back here to eat because I don’t want to spend more than two hours here unless I am attending a party.


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