Bicol’s Sili Ice Cream

Bicolanos have successfully produced and transformed an ordinary and generic dessert such as ice cream into something that’s easily identifiable with their province’s reputation of mahilig sa sili.

They put a twist to ordinary sorbetes by adding sili flavor. It has become so popular to curious tourists that it’s a must to eat sili ice cream for every tourist visiting this region.

The tour guide brought us to the 1st Colonial Grill restaurant in Legazpi supposedly to have a cup of the sili ice cream.

Colonial Grill in Legazpi

But Oyen and I haven’t had lunch so we instead ordered a full meal. We only asked for 20 minutes break but the food took forever to b served. We spent a good hour here at Colonial Grill.

We had half spring chicken, grilled. We were in a hurry, we just wanted something familiar and easy to prepare.
Grilled bbq chicken

We had isang palayok na garlic rice with toppings of tinapa (or bangus), strips of manggang hilaw, itlog na maalat, kamatis.
Tinapa rice at Colonial Grill
It was delicious, o gutom at matakaw lang talaga kami. Kahit walang ulam, perfect na sya.
tinapa garlic rice in Legazpi

This is Bicol’s sili ice cream. As corny as it sounds, you would be sili (silly) not to try it. The name alone could be daunting if you are not fond of chili, but the spiciness is very subtle. You would only feel it after you have swallowed a spoonful. Enjoy!

Bicol's sili ice cream

Next time we have a party at home, I am going to serve our guests my own version. Surprise!


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4 thoughts on “Bicol’s Sili Ice Cream

  1. hi ms annie. i hope you tried the DJC halo-halo. its soooooooo good! if i am not mistaken, the store is outside the mall where colonial grill is.. (or not? sorry not so good in remembering places)

    1. Hi Nerie, no we were too full when we reached the mall. We had no more time to go back the next day. Next time. Thanks

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