My son’s room has been locked ever since he left. I open it occasionally to check on his things and to clean it. Today I decided to open it. I cleaned his bathroom a bit and removed all personal care products and medicines that are already expired.

I left the door open to let the smell dissipate. I was only gone for half hour the most. When I came back the maid had broken a balloon from a sculpture. My gift to him a few Christmases ago. I was so disappointed. There are so many dusts around our house she could clean and yet eto pa ang ginalaw. Natuwa siguro dun sa mga lobo, yun pa ang gusto nyang linisin eh ka daming alikabok dito sa bahay.
Basag!! I let a howl and stomped my feet several times from disappointment. I knew she didn’t mean it but the trouble I have to go thru to have the balloon replaced by the artist , not to mention the expense made me so stressed out.

broken balloon

broken balloon, sculpture

broken blue balloon,  sculpture,

I’ll just look for the artist and order one more balloon. I hope it doesn’t cost a lot.


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5 thoughts on “Broken Balloon

  1. Aww.. isang tingin lang sa photo.. narefreshed agad yung memory ko. Sa isip ko… Eto yung akala ko horsey horsey nung naka gift wrap e! 🙂

    Sana it gets fixed. Hopefully at a low cost. its a nice piece pa naman. Sabagay kahit mahal, siguro ok lang. Kasi i still remember the meaning behind it kaya i know, for nyke and you.. its priceless. 🙂

  2. Hi Atty. Alvin,
    The sculpture is by Ronald P. Castrillo and is part of his Balloons in Life collection. It’s one of his biggest and probably heaviest because of the one block of wooden base used.

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