As if we were not full yet, after Diotay we proceeded to the popular Calea Pastries & Coffee along Lacson Street.

Calea Pastries & Coffee

bacolod 172 Calea

The place was beaming with cake lovers. Parang may panic buying ng cake.
The inside was full so we sat outside. It was the perfect weather to be outdoors. It was presko.
bacolod 173 cake

Dimple and Kuya shared a slice and they said it was good.
bacolod 177 Calea's

Kuya said he had seen people during flights to Manila carrying boxes of cakes from Calea. That’s how popular they are.

Maybe Calea’s other cake flavors taste good but definitely not this one. I love mango cakes but this falls short of my minimum expectation. I scooped the mango toppings, scraped the Graham crust at the bottom and left the middle portion which was supposed to be the cake. I couldn’t describe the taste because it had no taste. The texture was like a paste or gum mixed with gelatin. What was that about?
Disappointing cake. This was recommended by one of their food attendants. Sabi nya masarap daw.

Looks can be deceiving.
bacolod 174 mango cake


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