I accompanied my daughter in Galleria to pick-up the oil painting she ordered from artist Carlo Ongchangco. She found his work in a gallery and at the Manila Art Exhibit in SM Aura. His works are characterized by whimsical or cartoon characters, more for young people like Oyen.

She contacted the artist, discussed with him what she had in mind, her favorite cartoon characters and voila, this was the result.


Newly married

Daughter was very pleased. Next step, where to hang it?


A———— “Anak, show it to daddy?”
Oyen——— “No, he’s not going to like it”.
A———– “Hindi anak”.
Oyen——— “He’s just going to say nice because of me”.
A———— “Hindi anak, just show it to him”.
Oyen——— “Alright”.
Oyen——— “Dad, look”.
Edmund——- “Oh, That’s nice”.
Edmund——- “For the nursery?”


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