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January 27, 2018

With a few days left in Vegas, I took this as an opportunity to venture out a little farther away to try other restaurants even if I was by myself. I ended up having a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Summerlin.

Cheesecake Factory building in Summerlin

Cheesecake factory in Summerlin 1

There were two Filipinas standing just outside the restaurant’s main entrance talking about the challenges of driving in Las Vegas. From their conversation, I surmised that one just moved to Las Vegas from Manila and was worried about driving around Nevada. Her companion told her “if you could drive in Manila, you could drive here. In Manila the vehicles are two inches away from each other, here there’s distance…..”

Cheesecake Factory  in Summerlin,  entrance

Cheesecake Factory maintains a certain look anywhere in the world.
Cheesecake Factory,  Summerlin Branch

Cheesecake Factory,  columns

I loved the dark brown bread.
Cheesecake Factory,  bread

I was almost shaking from hunger so the minute this dark brown bread landed on my table,it disappeared in one blink. Shoot sa stomach agad.
Cheesecake Factory,  delicious bread

I was the only Asian in the restaurant on that day. All puti including the receptionists and food servers.
Cheesecake Factory, bar

I ordered Lemon Garlic Shrimp with basil, asparagus spears and angel hair pasta.
Cheesecake Factory,  pasta

Hmmm, matabang. I tasted the asim from the lemon but there was no garlic taste. I sprinkled salt and pepper but they only improved the taste a bit. The flavor still has room for improvement.
Cheesecake Factory,  Shrimp pasta with basil

My table neighbors were two white couples who have’t seen each other for 20 years. I am guessing they were high school classmates. This lady got some books for her birthday. She has some health issues too. Tsismosa ko, I couldn’t help but hear their conversations because our tables were side by side.
Cheesecake Factory, waiter

As the name implies the restaurant’s specialty is cheesecakes.
Cheesecake Factory,  desserts

I forgot how much tip I gave, maybe $3.
Cheesecake Facfory,  food bill

I lingered for about 10 more minutes. I didn’t order dessert but I finished a mug of water. I imagined I was drinking something stronger than water.
Cheesecake Factory,  water mug

I charged my phone inside the restroom. The Uber app drains my battery so fast.
Cheesecake Factory restrooms

It was 4 pm and a perfect weather for promenading.
Cheesecake Factory in Summerlin, valet

Summerlin,  palm trees

Summerlin area,  parking

Summerlin area,  Jan 27, 2018

The surrounding area is a bit high end.
Summerlin fountain

A Tesla car is always a head-turner. The design looks simple yet elegant and stunning.
Summerlin,  white Tesla

This red sports car was soooo noisy, vroom vroom. I think that was really the intention, to create noise so we look and admire how nice and expensive their car is.
Cheesecake Factory, high end area

I successfully avoided the cheesecake dessert pressure but succumbed to Pinkberry’s tart yogurt.
Pinkberry, Summerlin

Pinkberry,  Summerlin

Pinkberry original flavor yogurt with mochi and cheesecake toppings. Ayyy cheesecake rin pala.
Pinkberry yogurt with mochi

Pinkberry store in Summerlin


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