Crash Landing On You

My daughter successfully recruited me to the fan club of Captain Ri, the very charming lead character in Korea’s TV series Crash Landing On You. His fan club includes my sister, her daughters, Oyen, and now me, plus maybe millions more from Korea and the Philippines alone.

Played by Korean actor Hyun Bin, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, is the perfect guy to fall in love with.

I spent several hours watching the Korean romantic / comedy / suspense / action series on Netflix.
Today we finished the 15th and 16th episodes and I spent a gallon of tears crying every time Captain Ri shed tears over his first and forever love Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-Jin.

Who’s not gonna fall in love in this storyline:

Yoon Se-ri is the young, beautiful, smart, ultra-successful businesswoman, heiress of a Korean billionaire. A twister suddenly appeared while she was paragliding in South Korea. She woke up hanging up on a tree in North Korea. Captain Ri was on duty patrolling the area when she saw Se-ri. She fell right on Captain Ri. Mahirap magkwento, I will not be able to express how intense the love of Captain Ri is towards Yoon Se-ri. Just go watch it.

if this were an American movie, there would be a lot of torrid kissing, nudity and effing love scenes to demonstrate the intense love between Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri, but the beauty of this movie is it has depth and substance. It clicks even with just a hug and literal lips to lips, no saliva-exchanges, between the lovebirds.

The movie is in Korean and dubbed in English for our reading pleasure.

I’ve been hearing my daughter speaking to our dog Mochi in Korean.

Kamsamida is the only word I remember, not from Crash Landing on You, but from the Korean restaurants in Manila.
Youtube video credits:
ininzone 인인코너


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4 thoughts on “Crash Landing On You

  1. Hi Annie,

    My UCSF buddy encouraged me to watch the series but I was hesitant as I am not into Korean tele. Just last weekend, I got glued & completed the whole series which I truly enjoyed. I fell in love with Captain Ri as well. A real gentleman!

    Stay safe!

  2. CLOY started my love for K-dramas. Thanks to the Pandemic, I gave it a shot. Aside from the unique storyline, they also have very witty dialogues and amazing cinematography. Now I’m obsessed with everything Korean and going to Seoul is now in my bucketlist. I suggest you also watch Something In The Rain-if you like Son Ye-Jin 🙂

  3. Hi Annie,
    My first K-drama was CLOY and I fell in love with it. That started my addiction to K-dramas. If you’re a fan of Capt. Ri then you need to watch “Memories of Alhambra”. Now I know why there were so many young Koreans posing for pictures in Alhambra when we were there last year. I am now currently watching “Something in the Rain” with Seri of CLOY in it. This senior is no longer bored during this pandemic. Thanks to K-dramas!

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