Christmas Decors from Garbage

There’ s a Christmas exhibit on the ground floor of the controversial Municipality of Makati’s building. The lobby is normally full of taxpayers but last week, it’s aglow with Christmas lights and fancy decorations made from garbage and recycled materials. The event is a project of the local government.

Christmas lantern made of plastic utensils

I don’t know until when their Christmas exhibit is. I hope the vendors get a lot of sales.

Christmas exhibit  Municipality of Makati

This one is made of paper cups.
Christmas lantern from paper cups

Plastic softdrink bottles
Christmas lantern made of plastic bottles

Some decors are art projects of school children
school project,  Christmas decors
Fort Bonifacio elementary school lantern project
Star made of newspaper and plastic

C2 Christmas tree

Jollibee cups?
Jollibee lantern cups

Wooden Christmas lantern. I am not sure what the hanging plastic bottles are for. There could be LED lights in them.
wooden lantern with plastic bottle

Someone tried to make a Christmas tree out of paper plates. The good thing about trying is there is no rule as to how many tries you could have till you perfect it. The only limit is time. You have to do it before the holidays are over.
Paper plates Christmas tree

This Barbie dolls have more experienced stylists. They look gorgeous.
Barbie dolls Christmas decors

This is my favorite. A Filipiniana dress made of sinandomeng rice sack (sako ng bigas).
dress made of rice sack

These paper roses are gorgeous. These are something I would buy.
paper roses,

Whoever thought of putting golden touches on this egg crates is certainly a genius. He / she turned them into golden nipples.
egg crates with golden touches

golden nipples

So there you go, no need to fret over expensive Christmas decors. Kung kulang ang budget o ayaw gumastos, I hope you get some ideas from the photos I’ve posted. With just a little imagination, you can decorate your home or office with minimal expense.
Christmas decors from recycled materials

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