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Closing dinner program June 7 1974

L’oreal sponsored GSW’s closing dinner on June 7, 2014.
L'oreal sponsored dinner

Banquet menu, closing dinner, GSW

The ballroom was such a big place. I didn’t see Angel Rosales, Leah Caringal, Chit Juan, Boots Garcia, etc.
I just stayed with the Filipino delegates from the Department of Agriculture.

Miriam Acta, Chief Science Research Specialist, Department of Agriculture.
I noticed that there were a few of them now, some went to Lourdes daw. Nakakahinayang talaga, when you’re already in Paris, grab the opportunity to take a train and visit the miraculous Our Lady of Lourdes. Just be careful with your bags, many have reported losing their money and passports from thieves.

closing ceremony Paris 004

Our friends from the Department of Agriculture led by Usec. Puyat.
One of them asked me who approved my travel budget to Paris. Why I was able to stay at the Marriott. I told her it’s more convenient for me to stay at the hotel where the conference is held.
Dept of Agriculture delegates

She looks and moves like a princess. I thought she’s really a royal from Kuwait.
She wowed us by speaking in a few sentences in Tagalog with Tagalog accent. Her son’s yaya is from Iloilo. Kaya pala.
Delegate from Kuwait, GSW

Balsam Al Ayoub from Kuwait. She wears a very elegant gown she herself designed.
Balsam Al Ayoub from Kuwait, GSW delegate

Our food at the summit’s closing dinner was probably what they were referring to as “A Salute to French Style”.

GSW closing dinner menu, June 7, 2014

Served by French waiters
summit closing dinner service Paris 025

Ice is usually not served unless requested, and even if you request, usually it doesn’t come. This time I’m lucky, the waiter remembered.
a glass of ice, Marriott, GSW

A thick slab of foie gras.
global summit closing dinner foie gras Paris 023

global summit closing ceremony Paris 029

Some people couldn’t figure out what this couscous was all about. They didn’t eat it.
global summit closing ceremony Paris 030

global summit closing ceremony Paris 039

global summit closing ceremony Paris 040

global summit closing ceremony Paris 041

The ice cream was so delicious, I wanted to ask for round two pero nahiya ako.

global summit closing ceremony Paris 042

A Filipina delegate told me some women participants have super big boobsies. OO nga, some women have extraordinarily huge frontage. Palibhasa tayong Filipino ay pipit na pipit kaya madali nating napapansin yung mga sobra sobra ang future (hinaharap).
global summit closing ceremony Paris 036

This young Malaysian violinist performed for us during the GSW closing dinner at the Sultan’s palace in Kuala Lumpur.

I left before 11 pm. I am an old soul- boring. A lot of them stayed till midnight, dancing, drinking and having fun.


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