Dear PAL, I want to go home04:08 AM Tuesday November 10, 2020 |

It’s been two weeks since I first made a request to Philippine Airlines to book me a seat to Manila anytime between Nov 18 and the end of Nov. However, the 18th is fast approaching and I don’t want to leave on the 18th. I would hope to fly on Nov 23 or 25 or 28 after Thanksgiving.

I don’t know what’s the problem in giving me my return seat which I had already paid for when I bought the round trip ticket.

I was booked to go back in early April but the pandemic struck and I got stuck. PAL canceled their flights and resumed partial operations in mid-June but flights were not consistent. In July, the information we gathered was that flights were being diverted to Cebu because NAIA was overwhelmed. I didn’t want to land in Cebu, be tested there, so I waited. Oyen had difficulty rebooking her flight but got help from a friend. Then when it was Edmund’s turn to go home, he spent one to two hours a day on the phone getting so stressed out talking to PAL customer service agents without any clear deal and only getting more confused after each call.

In August, we were advised to delay our returns because PAL was giving priority to the 30,000 to 70,000 Overseas Filipino Workers returning home. With PAL’s limited allotment of the number of daily passengers, thousands were unable to return home.

We didn’t want to arrive at the NAIA with thousands of people stranded in an enclosed area for fear of increased covid risk so we waded it out again.

Oyen was able to fly on September 2. Edmund on October 10.

Now it’s my turn. I don’t want to triple my wrinkles by spending hours speaking to their call center agents that’s why I am patiently waiting for PAL to contact me to bring me the good news that I have a seat. It’s already mid-November and I am still here, waiting. I am already becoming anxious because I don’t want to get stuck here again.

Please PAL, give me a nice seat before November ends so I can go home.

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