Delicious Fatatita homebaked scones

Cynthia Nakpil of Asia Travel was frantically calling me a few days ago because the village security guards won’t let her messenger go past the gate. My maids were not authorized to decide. The gate guard drove to our house to personally ask if they would let the delivery guy in. Poor guy, he waited at the gate for an hour at least. Cynthia was worried about the food she sent. Eto pala yun, homebaked goodies.

These delicious Fatatita baked scones are from Cynthia. Her daughter Iya Nakpil-Roxas bakes them.

Fatatita scones

Oyen ate all of it, masarap daw and she ordered a few more boxes to give away to her friends.

Iya’s homebaked perfection:
Fatatita scones by Iya

Thank you Iya and Cynthia. Happy holidays too.


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