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My friend Madeline said she is eagerly waiting for 2016 to end. She said so many negative things happened this year to her family. So many deaths (her mom, two cousins, in-law, two aunts, few friends). If she could only pull this year faster.


I empathize with her. I could totally relate to what she’s feeling right now. I experienced feeling the same way before.
I was always in a hurry to finish the year hoping that the new year would bring happiness, peace, no problems. However, instead of a better year, more challenges came my way.

A perfect example was the year 2015. Our family went thru a lot of personal problems. I was knocked off my seat by a series of tsunamis. After a sea of tears, screams, wails, yells, prayers, and with God’s generous help, there was calm. We thought that was it. Kala namin tapos na.
We thought the problems had been addressed and someone learned from his mistakes. Yun pala it was the calm before a signal number 12 storm. It turned out that more and bigger problems were heading our way in 2016 because someone didn’t learn from his mistakes. Nagpaloko na naman.

With three weeks left till the start of 2017, I don’t feel in a hurry to start 2017. Despite the problems that beset us this year 2016, there were many good and happy moments also for which I am grateful too.

I must say that I presently feel kind of gloomy and sad. I don’t know why. Oh well, that’s a lie. I know why. I am trying to be happy and festive with the coming of Christmas. I miss my family so much and I am just praying for happier times with them. I am counting the days, not for the year to end, but to see my family and to spend some happy moments with them. I also remain hopeful that the sky will eventually clear, the colorful rainbow will appear and the sun will shine brightly over us.

peace joy love

I wish your family peace, joy and happiness. May the problems our family encountered in 2015 and 2016 don’t happen to any one of you.
Peace to all.

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