Elmer, Det, Loel and Bea de Leon12:41 AM Sunday May 28, 2017 |

May 26, 2017

Elmer, Det, Loel and Bea de Leon are also here in the Bay Area for a short holiday and to attend family gatherings. We were planning to bring them to Hog Island Oysters in Embarcadero but they have a lot of family activities also and going to the premier outlet is on their list.

Edmund waited the whole morning for Elmer’s text. He didn’t know whether they will meet at the outlet or what. Sabi ko kung malinaw ba ang usapan nilang dalawa. Baka kako nagpapasundo eh we don’t fit in the car.

By 1 pm Edmund was all dressed up but still uncertain of our schedule because Elmer hasn’t messaged him. Hindi daw sumasagot sa mga texts nya.

I told him we’ll just go to the outlet and look for them. What if they’re not there he asked. Eh okay lang yun. I took a bath and we headed off to the outlet which is a 30-40 minutes leisurely drive thru valleys and mountains. Ika pitong bundok.

He was hungry and wanted to eat in a restaurant. Sabi ko wag na. We’ll just go straight to the fast food area, baka kako nadun sila Elmer. My husband was not very hopeful. Wala daw dun.

After we ate, I texted Elmer. Hayun biglang sumagot, tumawag. They were there at the outlet too, with his in-laws.

outlet, Edmund and Elmer de Leon May 26, 2017

I left Elmer and Edmund at the fast food area and went to North Face. We’re planning to go Aurora Borealis hunting next year so my daughter told me to go to North Face and take a serious – serious look at the winter jackets. While I was there, Edmund called to say that Elmer and family were done shopping and were leaving. I dropped the jacket and proceeded to meet their whole family.

Det was with her parents, nephew, sister, and aunt. Her parents are still young pa pala at 74. Same age as my kuya Junior or maybe kuya is only 73.
outlet, Det de Leon

Bea was only 5’7 when she first came over to our house for the Chinese New Year dinner. She’s now 5’11 and by next year I am sure she’ll hit 6 ft.
I look so tiny beside her. Why am I so short? On second thought, siguro Edmund would not have courted me if I were 6 ft tall. He would get intimidated dahil halos pantay kami, if I wear 2 inches shoes, I’ll be taller than him. Pwede ko na syang tuktukin sa ulo.
outlet, OMB with Bea de Leon

Loel will soon to be our co-Northern Lights hunter. Sama din daw si Bea.
Aurora Borealis here we come.

outlet, Loel de Leon May 26, 2017


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