Since the first lockdown in March 2020, movements and food deliveries to our village have been restricted. For several months the residents were confined to buying food and supplies from the pop-up marketplace in the clubhouse grounds. Our maids are complaining how expensive the prices are.

Until now, most residents buy from the marketplace out of convenience.

Last weekend our maids went to Farmers Market in Cubao accompanied by our bright driver. They bought supplies good for two weeks.

Today, I was driving home when I decided to swing by the village marketplace to find something to eat, maybe fresh fruits.

I got one pineapple, two small greenish papaya, one small pack of V cut potato chips, and 3 pieces of camote. The owner said Seven Hundred Ten. What????? 710 pesos for one pinya, dalawang buko, tatlong kamote, isang maliit na V cut, and dalawang maliit na papaya? Hindi ba sobrang mahal naman yata?

They justified the price by telling me that the camote is Japanese camote. And who wants Japanese camote? Di ba beinte pesos lang isang kilo ng camote? O doblehin mo na eh di kwarenta pesos lang isang kilo. Bakit naging 250 isang kilo? Masarap daw yung Japanese camote. Nay ko, nung araw, basta kamote, kamote. No comparison. I returned the 3 camote.

I was left with dalawang buko x 40 each, 2 small papaya, Isang pinya, isang Vcut—- 470 pesos daw. Hay naku, mahal pa rin.


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