The world, our planet, is changing, and it’s changing fast. And furious. More storms, floods, are coming and more frequent and stronger. The wildfires are unstoppable and seem like they are determined to consume the whole Western hemisphere.

As sad and scary as it sounds, I think air travel would become more difficult in the medium to long term future due to the rapid shifts in weather patterns. The sky could change drastically in minutes without warning.

The storms are coming more frequently bringing catastrophe to nature and men.

We must now think differently too. We have to adapt to the changing world. Our homes must now be built to withstand stronger hurricanes. We must have a room to hide during lightning showers and thunderstorms, If we live in lower grounds, think of either moving or building a second floor. Elevate our structures. If we live in the mountains, think of wildfires, think of landslides.

For those who are planning to build new homes, you must fortify your homes, use materials that can withstand category 5 hurricanes.

There’s just too many to worry about. We abused our planet earth and we are now feeling the consequences.

People who have suffered from recent natural disasters could only look into the future with trepidation.

The increasing frequency and intensity of typhoons are scary. It’s not farfetched that we could be seeing 300 or 400 kph winds that could sweep away our homes and buildings. God forbids.

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