The young, gay, handsome make-up artist asked me “What’s the occasion?”
“Makapal ba?” He rolled his eyes when I answered “Hindi naman kailangan makapal, basta gaganda ako at hindi lalong papangit”.

While he was applying blush on my cheeks, biglang pumasok sa isip ko, Dyos ko, ilang daang mukha na kaya ang gumamit sa mga brushes nito? Tapos ipapahid sa akin.

My black and silver gown by Amir Sali.
the back

the front

Nice pala yung back.

I was requested to be at the Pen by 6 pm. I left the house at 5 pm luckily EDSA was clear. I was at the Pen by 5:30 pm and not a single soul was there. I am not saying that the waiters and sound technicians have no souls.


I went to my table’s location.

I was a little disappointed when she said the cocktails would start at 6:30 pm, that meant an hour wait.

Vie from the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines

I was requested to proceed to the gallery on the 3rd floor for the photo exhibit.

Not a single soul again. Junjun Ablaza decorated the entrance. With the white feathers, it looked a little like heaven. No, I haven’t been to heaven, have just seen it on tv.

I went in and looked for my photo.

I tripped on my gown, the camera man held my arm to prevent my face from landing on the carpet. How unfaaabulous.

That photo was taken in our showroom last September.

photo shoot instagram

Oh it’s me.



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