Feeling Free from Captivity

I spent February and March in captivity. I am just exaggerating. But in a way, it’s true because I spent most of my time inside our bedroom. I kept away from people and was afraid to go to the market and grocery. My movement was a lot limited.

Now, with the first dose of Moderna vaccine running through my Asian veins, and with more people vaccinated around me, there’s a feeling of comfort. We are able to go out, still with face masks, but not as paranoid when we were in Manila.

I am able to pasyal-pasyal and breathe easy.  I go out and smell the flowers.

I just love these quaint and rustic stores.

We stumbled upon a store selling some fancy things for pets.  Oyen bought a new vest for Mochichi.

Made in USA products are sadly now a rarity in this Chinese-dominated market.

One of my simple pleasures is visiting old downtowns. I get to see a little bit of their own history and despite the progress and modernization,  I still feel their sense of community.

Oh please people, let’s patronize bookshops.  Don’t just read online stories.  I want small and big bookstores to survive till the next century.

I know they are trying to be funny or catchy  but this play of words is not appropriate and I find it offensive to my religion.

I better control myself or else my sugar level will be uncontrollable.

We’re enjoying the beautiful sunshine with a little bit of cold breeze,  perfect for outdoor or banketa dining.  #chipotle


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