October 4-5, 2019

I ordered fresh flowers to decorate our house so it would look a little charming on Oyen’s engagement day. Edmund suggested that I go for quantity, not quality. Meaning, instead of ordering expensive and rare flowers, I just order the ordinary ones but aplenty. Hmm, good suggestion but what I did was somewhere in between.

Our house is maarte na so it really doesn’t need a lot of additional ornaments.
Regarding cheap flowers, the ordinary and cheaper ones florists have are the Malaysian mums and they are not really cheap.

I also didn’t want to spend too much money on fresh flowers for a two-hour event. Afte two days they would wilt and die. Sayang lang. I budgeted P10,000.00. Parang mahal na nga rin.

I ordered two big topiaries and two small ones for the main entrance. One for the toilet floor, one and a half dozen roses for the dining table. Roses for the formal dining table. 32 pink carnations for the stairs landing, stargazer, Malaysian mums for the kitchen island. It all cost P10,600.00.

Family dining
Fresh Flowers for our House 1

Kitchen Island vase
Fresh flowers,  kitchen island vase

I didn’t know beforehand that we would be needing a long table good enough for 12 people for the miswa and egg ceremony. Our family dining seats a maximum of ten so I added a plastic table although the size was off. Bawal daw white cover for the ting hun and most of my table cloths are white, buti na lang I found something colored cream and I found this pinkish table runner in a supot inside the buffet cabinet. I totally forgot that I have this. I think I bought this from the Zara home store in Budapest in 2015.
Fresh flowers,  family dining
Bagay rin naman
Zara pinkish table runner
Roses for the formal dining table. No one seats at this table, pang decoration lang.
Roses for the formal dining table

My daughter likes carnations. I ordered two of these arrangements for each side of the stairs landing. I wonder who named these flowers carnation. Alaska?
Pink carnations for the stairs landing

Eto medyo maarte na. I put a big floral arrangement of white Malaysian mums on the floor of the powder room so people would feel like they’re in a garden.
Flowers for the powder room

In ordinary days, some obscure real plant is on this ceramic container. But for Oyen’s special day, I placed multi-colored Malaysian mums. It came out nice.
Multi-colored mums

The stylist originally placed fresh leaves of fycus Benjamina with the fake flowers but the leaves dried, so in the morning of the Ting Hun, Bryan came and replaced the set-up with silk leaves. Nice. They looked cleaner.
Flowers for the ting hun

Mabantot pati yung natutuyong dahon. Nung gabi I sprinkled them with room freshener pero walang epek.

Room freshener


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