Goodbye $515 M09:27 PM Saturday May 22, 2021 |

I am having some difficulty accepting the fact that I did not win the $515,000,000 MegaLotto. Someone super lucky and blessed from Pennsylvania took away this life-altering shower of money.
I am not going to lie. I felt a little gloomy when I saw the announcement on tv. I did not win. My only chance now is to win at least $2 to buy another lotto ticket.

Why do I feel sad? What do I need that massive amount of money for? Aba syempre. I have already drawn a list of recipients and beneficiaries in my head.

My lifestyle will not change much. Everything I need I already have. I have a few WANTS but just a few. I will not buy a helicopter or a yacht. I will instead build mini-libraries in low-income areas.
I will continue what I have been doing in the past, but in a more intense sharing of blessings with those in need.

I only get to buy lotto tickets when I am here in the US. The gas stations kasi have lotto machines. While Edmund gasses up, I make a quick trip to the convenience store to buy a ticket or two. No luck so far. Oh, I won $1 last week. A dollar is a dollar. Pero lugi pa ako kasi I had bought $20 worth of tickets.

No birthday luck either. Sigh 😒😒😒.
Scratcher ticket

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