Grand desserts

Eating ice cream in grand fashion is what New York Cafe is all about. There is nothing different or spectacular with the refreshments and desserts here, it’s just the ambience and experience that make it special.

bottle of wine, New York Cafe

New York cafe grand lobby

grand ambience, New York Cafe

Yen and Len,  New York Cafe

Oyen,  New York Cafe,  Budapest

Ordered by someone trying to diet.
New York cafe, iced cappuccino with whipped cream

The four of us, minus me the photographer, @newyork cafe
@newyork cafe

ice cream medley. Did I order this?
New York cafe, ice cream medley

While waiting for a table, we asked Cynthia Nakpil, the tour coordinator, how much or how many we could order? Whatever damage had already been paid before we left Manila. That’s already included in the tour package but still, being considerate, we didn’t want to shock her when the restaurant hands over the bill. She politely said we could order a drink, a refreshment, etc.
Okay then, we ordered ice cream, and ice cream again. Ang mura lang naman dito. Desserts in Manila are more expensive.
ice cream again

Ayleen, New York Cafe

After eating sweets, we all got suya. We ordered potato chips. Eto, medyo sunog and walang lasa. Never order potato ships from New York Cafe.
New York Cafe, potato chips

I froze after I noticed this guy, is that Kobe Bryant? Ayleen, Oyen and Nyke all looked, yes, he really looks like Kobe Bryant. Is that he? We looked and looked. The guy was getting conscious from our stares. No, sigh, he’s not Kobe beef, he’s younger, thinner and shorter. Sayang. Susugod na sana kami sa table nya for a selfie.

Kobe Bryant look-alike

We were already on the bus when Cynthia came to verify the food we ordered. Nagulat siguro. We didn’t over-ordered in terms of amount. We did order extra orange juice and the potato chips. But then again, they didn’t cost a lot.


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