Old photo:

Our group Philippines, Inc.,  had a series of luncheon meetings with the major candidates for president in year  2004.

OMB with FPJ

Standing (left to right):

Sec. Jose Pardo,  Ricardo Penson, Antonio Lopa, _____, Sammy Lim, Oscar de Venecia, William ‘Gatchalian (partly covered), Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr., Noel Onate, Ambassador Joe Romero (+), Pocholo Jacinto (+), Ambassador Joey Antonio.

Front row (left to right):

Susing Pineda,  Annie C. Tan-Yee, presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr. (+),  Atty. Miguel Varela (+), Ambassador Filemon Cuevas (+).

I miss Ka Imon.  We had traveled together dozens of times during the time of FVR and Erap.  He was very close to the Iglesia ni Kristo leader.  Kwento nya tila magkababata sila.   He told me his life story.  How he and his mom used to sell clothes on the sidewalk in Cavite using kariton.  His story is very inspiring.   One night,  his father gathered all his siblings and announced that since his brother, Serafin Cuevas, was the most intelligent among them,  they would make sacrifices and pour their resources to send Serafin thru college.  His father told him “Imon,  mas matalino naman sayo si Serafin,  magtigil ka na lang sa pag-aaral para yung pera ay maipang tustos kay Serafin.  Serafin became the country’s Supreme Court Justice.  Ka Imon didn’t finish college but he became a billionaire.  He owns Sulu Hotel, shopping malls in Cavite, etc.

Napakabait ni Ka Imon sa akin.  His son Erdie is also nice to me.   I have met his daughters and one of them is named Annie.

He lived in the same village.  His daughter told me no one lives in that mansion, only their maids.

I miss the ube his wife (+) sends to our house at Christmas.


More old photos coming

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