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The village we live in here in Manila is gated with at least 4 security guards manning each of the three gates. The main gate could have 5 guards. There are roving guards too even outside the perimeter fence. In the middle of the night, a guard always comes by to check the cars parked in front of our house and this drives our dogs crazy.

We used to have our own security guard stationed in the garage and in the front gate. I think at night, a guard also goes around our house’s exterior. We got rid of this security guard thing because they proved to be bantay salakay. The maids always complained about them. Merong praning, playing with his gun, merong manyakis, gustong hipuan yung mga maids.Meron yung isa pumasok sa maids room at pinupog ng halik yung housemaid na bata pa. One time we were in the US, the maids saw the guard and the driver skinny dipping in our pool.

In general, the security guards here in the village is mahigpit. But even that, there were reports of break-ins.
There used to be zero in a year, but ever since the pandemic began, the thieves have become bolder, climbing fences and avoiding the roving guards but luckily all have been caught. It also happens in other villages.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep so I went down to drink water. Then went to the study room. I was sending text to the US but the signal was really bad. I went to the guest room on the second floor because that’s one of the spots that Globe works. I heard Choco growling and barking. Parang galit na galit. When Choco stopped barking. I heard what sounded like someone stepping on a pile of fallen dried leaves. Do you know the sound of someone with big feet stepping on dried leaves? Parang hindi pusa kasi maliit lang paa ng pusa and they’re not that heavy.

Choco stopped growling and no more sound of leaves.

I think dogs are effective guards or alarm dogs. Compared to security guards we’ve had had before, our dogs don’t swim naked in our pool, and they treat our maids with respect (except Lucy who bites). They don’t steal from us and they don’t ogle at scantily-clad Filipinas on FB and IG.

When someone comes up near our gate, the big ones start running to check who the person is.
Their growls and barks could be menacing and a good deterrent to would-be thieves.

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