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What’s happening now in the US is moral degradation.   From a nation that’s been looked up to by all nations for great leadership and order, the US is now on its declining path and has lost its luster.  The decline in the quality of life, the rise in homelessness, lack of education, poor parenting,  too much freedom of choice.   It’s the way society has been living for the longest time that is creating this decline in everything that America stands for.

There is no perfect society but I think Americans are going towards a bad place unless they reverse their paths.

They have enjoyed too much freedom. Indeed, the US Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, to express one’s thoughts and beliefs.   But I believe not one person has the right to perpetuate lies and conjure scenarios that poison minds and shape negative opinions that is destructive and harmful to a country and divide its people.

America is the land of the free but freedom is not absolute.  There are rules written by both men and nature.   Men have the constitution to follow.    Nature has a way of alerting us with regard to moral turpitude. But too much freedom is making Americans oblivious to the warnings if their behaviors gravely violate the norms or offend the sentiments or accepted standards of the community. It means they are losing their moral compass. No guilt.

They are removing religious overtones in schools in the name of freedom of choice. This is a dangerous act with long-term consequences. Many Americans no longer believe in God. They no longer believe in accountability for their actions. That’s why they are not afraid to commit crimes, bully others, steal, kill.

Faith in a higher being grounds a person. It makes him a better individual, aware of what is right and what is wrong. Asians, with all our flaws, believe in a supreme being we call God. The way we think and live centers around our core beliefs that God loves and guides us, and we are also afraid to be punished for doing bad things. God is our rock and our salvation, and this belief grounds us. This makes us mellower, calmer, kinder, understanding, compassionate, generous, peace-loving and law-abiding individuals.

America’s First Amendment doesn’t give its citizens the civil liberty to discriminate, ostracize, insult, assault, hurt, kill, other people that don’t look like them.

The white and black people calling themselves Americans have no right to yell at Asian-looking individuals “Go home to your country. You don’t belong here.”

Those who call themselves Americans have forgotten that they too are foreigners to this country. It would be good to look back at their history.
Only the native American Indians can say that they are true Americans. Let’s get real. Asians are from Asia, the whites are immigrants from Europe, and the blacks were originally from Western and Southern Africa. They came to the United States accompanied by white Europeans.

“You don’t belong here!”, “Go back to your country!” If all the immigrants go back to their countries of origin, America is going to be lonely and alone. No blacks, no whites, no browns. Only the native American Indians would be left here.

Former President Donald Trump is of German descent. His first wife Ivana Trump was born in the Czech Republic. Melania Trump is from Slovenia. Pres. Joe Biden is of Irish descent. Nicole Kidman is from Australia. Rihanna is from the Bahamas, Howie Mandel is from Canada, Simon Cowell is from the UK.

The forefathers of the Black Americans came from the African continent.

You are all equal. Either you, your parents, grandparents, great grandparents were immigrants from the other continents– Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Let’s all go home.

My father emigrated from China to the Philippines when he was a very young boy. With a Chinese father and a Chinese-sounding surname, I experienced racism and bullying while growing up in our town. Not because my father was of Chinese descent. Not because I was half-Chinese. It was due to people’s ignorance and deep-seated envy. My parents were hardworking and they treated people with compassion, generosity, and kindness. People looked at us differently and took advantage of my parents’ trusting nature. I endured years of taunting by boys and men and bullying by female classmates and insults from some teachers too. They just liked to say I am Intsik beho which actually didn’t bother me at all. But it was just hard to walk in the streets, step into the school campus without being taunted, followed, or harassed. I think until now they still look at me differently. If you ask me if I feel any anger towards those people, of course, I do. It’s in my nature to remember things like that.
Maybe not anger but a combination of irritation, indifference, pity.

What happened to me growing up in our province is only a microcosm of how destructive ignorance can be. Those white and black people who think they own the USA should instead make their country proud by educating themselves, travel to other countries or be well-informed, be kind and useful citizens of your country.
Show the world that you are adding value to your country, and not liabilities to this planet.

In fairness to the Asians who are living in the United States, or in Canada, or in the UK, etc. They are hardworking, decent individuals. They did not emigrate to gallivant and be homeless and dependent on their host country. They went to other countries to improve their lives and in so doing, they have become useful citizens of those countries, and are able to contribute to society. They educated their children so most of them have higher degrees of learning.

I watched and read several news articles about the current hate-related random attacks on Asians in Canada and in the US. Verbal, physical, and in several cases deadly. It makes me very angry. I worry about my son and my siblings and their families who are all American citizens. I can’t believe that at 2 am I am contacting off-duty officers to be my bodyguards while I am visiting just to get vaccinated. I can’t imagine going to CVS with a 6’4 bodyguard. My daughter asked me if I am going to hire a white American or a Black American. That’s a good question. Let me see….. I want Jackie Chan, or The Rock.
I am shopping too for self-defense gadgets. Whistle? I feel like I am going to war.


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