Edmund received several birthday cakes.

1. From Oyen. Since Edmund would be away on his birthday, Oyen had a cake delivered two days prior. We went to mass, ate at Cibo in Eastwood. As soon as we got home, we set up the cake and candle (recycled from previous birthdays).
Bday cake from daughter

2. From the Shik golf group. Shik as in Intsik. They have a monthly birthday celebration and each celebrant gets a birthday cake.

birthday cake

3. From Intercontinental Hotel. We were out the whole day and we found this mini cake on the desk in our room, including a box of match and a candle, together with a knife, fork, and table napkin.
Bday cake from Intercontinental Hotel

4. From Ford Cainta family. Our staff always prepare a party on Edmund’s birthday complete with provocative and acrobatic dance sequences. They sent a video greeting to his phone and sent this cake to our house.

cake from Ford Cainta


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