Long time ago,  I hated Holy Week.

No food on the table because my mom wouldn’t cook,  its fasting.

No television.   If there were some movies,  they were all about the 7 last words,  passion and mass.

No laughing, playing, running around, jumping,  my mom would scold me.  We’re not supposed to make any noise because its Holy Week.

No taking showers on Holy Thursday and Good Friday even when its really really hot and humid.

And my head vibrated from the gospel music being blasted- off into town by the parish priest.  They installed huge speakers to make sure the whole town heard it.

Nowadays, people  are very spoiled.   They go to the beach or where ever they please.  Those who choose to stay home have aircon, tv 24/7, cable, dvd, you tube, facebook and every thing.   Unlike several years ago that all stores and restaurants were closed on Holy Thu and Good Friday,  ngayon ang daming bukas na groceries, stores and restaurants.

Now that I am a lot older,  I have come to appreciate Holy Week in its true essence.  It may not manifest on how I practice religiosity,  but I know its true meaning deep within me.

And it’s also a way to bond with our families.  People flock to the provinces to join their families.  No need to bring and exchange gifts unlike during Christmas.

Visiting churches is more matipid than Christmas shopping.   We can all enjoy the observance of Holy Week without the commercialism of the Christmas season.

Fish ball 50 centavos,  Squid ball  piso,  Hotdog  2 pesos.  Take note Argentina hotdog daw yan sabi nung tindero.


(photos disappeared)


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