E—- “Tapusin na nga natin itong bahay para meron na tayong matulugan”.
After two weeks,,
E—–“Tart ang hirap tapusin yung bahay, ang hirap maghanap ng mga tao”.

My husband had difficulty finding the right people to finish our cottage house. He finally found a team of workers who could install the ceilings. They were the ones who installed the ceilings in Ford Cainta, Makati and Edsa. That’s better. He’s known the foreman and has trust in him.

unfinished cottage house,  workers

I think he wants to finish the house by summer time.

I have actually purchased all the wooden doors, ceramic floor tiles, sinks, water closets as early as two years ago. Ewan kung kumpleto pa o nagdisappear na sa bodega. We have a lot of old wood, excess metal parring, dry wall, roof, nahingi ko sa Cainta.

I showed my husband and the foreman where and how I wanted this window and lattice placed.

I haven’t finished painting the window white. I bought the paint and brush but have no time to do the painting.
Spanish windows

There, on top of the beam
ceiling,  cottage house

Like this
lattice and window

We wanted to experience how nakakatakot it would be when darkness comes. We stayed till it was almost 6:30 pm. Of course it was dark, we could hear the crickets and other weird sounds, but none of the crying baby and bumubulong na tikbalang as allegedly experienced by our caretakers.

Twilight at the farm
ecy at twilight

twilight at the farm  Dec 2017

I saw my husband’s Facebook post the other day. He showed a photo of our unfinished retirement house which he calls Home for the Aged. This house has no planning. It started as a temporary shelter for me, a 50 sqm room with toilet, then we added a space for dining, balcony and one extra toilet. It is about 180 sqm. Tagpi-tagpi walang architectural plans, walang flow. Iba-iba ang roof. Hindi naman halata kasi kumupas na.

home for the aged


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  1. Wow, your cottage sure is getting to become a beautiful home! Can’t wait to see the finish… 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    When are you stopping by?

    1. Hi mS,

      The cottage house is far from finish. We don’t’ have the time to do it. Maybe in October next year.
      I am currently out of the country.
      Merry Christmas.

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