Amir Sali’s blue and white collection

Yen and I were not able to attend Amir Sali’s launching of his blue and white collection at the Discovery Primea in Ayala Avenue, Makati City.
His new collection was inspired by the blue and white porcelain plates he saw while dining at the Shangrila Hotel.

I dropped by his shop in Valle Verde last Monday, December. He was busy with a bride to be. My intention was just to look at some of his dresses but his assistants insisted that I see Amir.
While waiting, I took photos of some of the dresses shown at the fashion show.

Amir Sali blue and white collection 1
Amir Sali,  Blue and white dress 2
Amir Sali blue and white dress 3
Amir Sali blue and white fashion - 4

Amir Sali,  blue and white sleeves 5

Chinese inspired design
Amir Sali blue and white dress 6

Some look like Egyptian-inspired
Amir Sali blue and white dress 7

I am fond of blue, I am fond of white, I am fond of plates. This is a perfect dress for me.
Amir Sali blue and white dress

Amir also makes formal bags.
Amir Sali formal bags

This is too small to hold my cellphone, perfume, lipstick, eye pencil, tissue, a few bills, peppermint rub, and a small box of medicines.
amir sali gray formal bag

I ordered two dresses, one is white with blue plates. I am taking my love of plates to the next level, I will not only be using them, I will be wearing them soon. The other dress is a simple white and beige lace.

According to Amir’s assistant, his fashion show was a big success. Some of their models were Brazilians and Russians. They like to work with them because they have no complaints daw. As long as they get paid, no matter what you ask them to wear, they do it without any qualms. The problem is when you book them say three months in advance, sometimes they are no longer around after three months. They don’t stay in the country for a long time. They go around Asia, modeling in Hongkong, Singapore, etc.


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5 thoughts on “Amir Sali’s blue and white collection

  1. Hi Ms. Annie! Been reading ur blog for a while now and commented on some of ur posts before. Maam you might be interested in uying some of our teacup sets/plates. We’re selling some for our fundraising activity po. We do have royal albert,givency,valentino,noritake,ungaro,adam&eve,etc… price starts at 70.00 each teacup/70.00 saucer,200-500 on plates
    depende po sa size. Kaya lang po hindi cya full set. Mga 2-6 pcs each design lang po. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Fam, Yes I want to buy but I am leaving in a few hours and would be back after two months. You may email me the photos/ short description, price.

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