We arrived home at almost midnight of November 7. Our dogs started barking as soon as our van stopped at the gate. Mukhang nagpractice sila ng welcome barks.
They stopped as soon as Edmund and I disappeared from the garage.

Our neighbors would hate us again.

Hello Jazzy (our oldest dog).

Edmund said he would never carry luggage again. (Laughs) Kasi 3 weeks syang taga buhat ng mga maleta namin. Baba at sakay ng trains. Akyat baba ng hotel, sa taxi. Kawawa naman. Para na rin syang nag-barbel.


Welcome bills were on the kitchen counter. Ano ba yang singkwenta mil na yan?
Hay naku. The water line in the village is being upgraded. Syempre all homeowners must contribute. The total cost of rehabilitation is 8.9M pesos.
To make it easier for the homeowners to pay, the board approved up to  five gives.  Take note,  after 5 months,  any unpaid dues would be charged an interest of 3 percent, compounded monthly.


Welcome greetings from Meralco- power rates to increase. Edmund said they should not maintain a PBA team kasi the expenses would be charged to us, the consumers. And they monopolize, no need to advertise their services because we have no choice but to get electricity from them. They have no competition naman.


I caught Stitch trying to weewee in the dining area. Amoy pee na naman ang carpet namin.

Ang cute ng mga anak ko, they have welcome flowers for me. My son said he didn’t know how to arrange them.
They’re perfect anak. Thank you.

Goodbye winter jacket and 5 layers of clothing. Back to my old daster.
Disposable tsinelas from a hotel.

All the rooms we’ve stayed in had comfortable beds, soft down comforters and cushy pillows, but nothing beats what we all have in our own homes. Whether tigas o lambot, papag o kutson, this is home.

Goodnight home sweet Manila.


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