Hototay Soup in Rose Bowl

March 14
We went to Rose Bowl Chinese Restaurant for dinner because we were craving for good steaming hot Hototay soup. They didn’t disappoint, it was hot and the taste was okay. Hototay is no longer cooked exactly the same way as before —ten, twenty or thirty years ago. I liked the Hototay at the Peace Panciteria in Ongpin, my parents’ favorite restaurant.

baguio 103 Rose Bowl

(Inis naman ako sa traffic, I want to go to Ongpin to eat hototay soup but thinking about how much time I’ll waste traveling to Ongpin discourages me).

baguio 105 Hototay Soup,  Rose Bowl

Our room was not yet cleaned when we arrived from dinner. Eh kasi naman pala my husband put the sign PRIVACY on the door. He thought he hung “Service Request”. I dialed the housekeeping department and in less than 10 minutes they came, cleaned the room, toilet and changed the linens. Very efficient. In other hotels when it’s late at night no one would come to clean your room anymore.
baguio 106 housekeeping


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