Yummy Strawberry Taho

One of the things I miss when I am in Manila is the strawberry taho in Baguio.

Although I was so stuffed coming from Chef’s Home, still, I must have strawberry taho.

My husband drove me to Mines View Park because that’s where I remembered we bought taho last year. Parang presyong pang-turista. P20 for the small cup, P40 for the medium and P60 for this cup but I paid P50 lang. But actually P50 lang talaga, the vendor just tried to overprice.

OMB  strawberry taho March 14, 2017 Baguio

While I enjoy my taho, husband haggles with the chico vendor to make sure she gives him the exact weight, walang labis walang kulang.
Strawberry Taho, March 14, 2017 Baguio

Baguio, ECY Mines View

I wanted more real strawberry and not just the sweet red liquid syrup. If you don’t pay attention while the vendor scoops the taho, you’ll end up with just the red syrup with a single tiny bit of strawberry fruit.

baguio 087 OMB, strawberry taho  March 14, 2017


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